The Darkness and The Order of Ghosahi



Sireyti Meschach is a mysterious being consumed with revenge by the wrongs done to his people centuries ago. He is the lone survivor of an extinct humanoid species ‘homo floresiensis’ called the Hobbinites hiding underground in Flores, Indonesia after his race is slaughtered by a hedonistic sadomasochistic cult called the Order of Ghosahi.

With the arrival of an evil multidimensional being known only as the Darkness, the Order is given the power to merge fantasy and reality in rich blood-lust rituals and merciless carnage upon all those they encounter.

To seek revenge for the death of his people and right the wrongs done by his own all those centuries ago, Meschach enlists the help of two detectives, Saya and Leon to help counter the damage done by the Order. However, it isn’t long before they discover the secrets held by Meschach: the DNA manipulation, the sadistic rituals, and implanted senses of premonitions.

As they get closer to the truth, the lines between reality and fantasy become obscured. Saya and Leon must face impossible odds, uncover the secrets held by their mentor and find a way to stop this Darkness from filling with world with death. Their efforts will decide the fate of humanity as we know it as well as discover the existence of the Multiverse (void) where the Darkness was born.